Hostel Rules & Guidelines

Terms & Conditions

  • The students will be provided accommodation on first come first serve basis.
  • Hostel fees includes accommodation plus all 3 meals.
  • Hostel charges are non-refundable.
  • Hostel is compulsory for 1st year (Both 1st & 2nd Semester)

General Rules

Ragging is strictly prohibited and punishable under law in our hostel. Every hostel student has to follow timings fixed for reporting back to the hostel i.e. 9:00 pm for boys and 8:00 pm for girls.

All the Hostel students are strictly advised not to entertain any day scholar in the Rooms/Hostel premises at any time, if matter reported, the hostel facility will be withdrawn for hosteller.

Hostellers are advised to maintain the hostel property in a good form and if any damages done deliberately, a suitable fine determined by the Principal and warden would be imposed. The Hostel student would be asked to either pay the fine or replace the damaged item immediately.

Hostel students are advised to maintain their room clean at all the times, if anybody's room found dirty a fine of Rs. 100/- will be charged. While leaving the rooms, lights, fans etc. should be switched-off to avoid fine or other action. Indoor cooking in the hostel rooms is strictly prohibited. Intoxicants, Liquors, Tobacco, Explosives, Weapons, Obscene materials etc. are not allowed to be kept/stored by the student in the Room/Hostel premises.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the premises. Writing/Pasting/Nailing anything on doors, walls, furniture, switch plates etc. in the hostel premises is strictly prohibited.

Students shall not hold any meeting or organize any collective activity in the hostel without the written permission of the Warden. Each Hostel student is required to perform specific duties in the mess on rotation basis as per the directives of the respective wardens.

Behaving improperly with Warden/Asst. Warden/Catering Manager/Waiters/Security Guards/Hostel Attendants or any other person of the Hostel will be treated as misconduct.

Canvassing for Membership of Bodies/Agencies (like Avon, Amway, Oriflame etc.) or promoting sale and purchase (like cosmetics, soaps etc) in the hostel is not allowed.

During the college timings, the students should invariably be in their classes/library/computer lab, except for those who are permitted to stay in their respective rooms by the Hostel warden due to sickness. A student falling sick or feeling symptoms of sickness should report to the Hostel warden.

Timings for Outings

Boys: 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm pm and Girls: 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm in weekdays. Entry of residents/hostellers during these hours will be regulated through valid out-pass/permission by the concerned Hostel Warden. Any student who expects to be late due to certain emergency must seek prior permission from the Warden.

Night out permission will be allowed only with due consent of the parents. All the Hostel students are advised to give the actual name and address of the local guardian to the respective wardens along with telephone numbers.

Mess Rules

Students should be punctual for taking their meals and come to the dining hall properly dressed. The following meal timings should be followed:

Meal Timings

  • Breakfast 07:45 am - 08.30 am
  • Lunch 01.00 pm - 02.00 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday the Dinner timings will be 07.45 pm - 08:30 pm
  • No student is permitted to take food in their rooms in any case.
  • Behaving improperly with Mess Staff will be treated as misconduct.
  • Hostel residents are not allowed to take mess utensils out of the mess.
  • Any food brought/ordered from outside has to be consumed in the mess only.

Rules Regarding Visit of Parents/Guardians

Hostel Visiting Hours for Parents & Local Guardians are from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm during the weekdays and 9:00 am to 7:00 pm during weekends and holidays. Nobody will be permitted to visit their wards beyond visiting hours.

  • No Guardians/Parents/Visitors are allowed to enter or stay inside the hostel rooms, once the room is allotted to the hosteller.
  • No Guardians/Parents/Visitors are allowed to enter beyond the reception area of the Hostel.
  • No male visitor would be allowed inside the Girls Hostel.
  • Laundry

    • There is a fixed timing for exchanging of soiled and clean clothes/uniform for students.
    • All day movement to the Laundry is strictly prohibited.
    • After one week, for each soiled bed linen, a fresh one would be issued.
    • Personal garments cannot be washed in the Laundry.

    Sports Facility

    • Basketball court
    • Volley Ball court
    • Badminton court

    Recreational Room

    • Table Tennis
    • Carrom
    • 24/7 Live Sports Channel

    NOTE: Violation of any of the above Rules shall be treated as an act of indiscipline and shall attract disciplinary action and expulsion from the hostel.